All people, locations, and events on this site are completely made up. Even the ones based on reality.


Here at Infinity +1 Snews, we follow the words of a prophet named Van Wilder. Wilder said, "You can't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive." This is our creed, and we believe the world needs to lighten up and have more humor. That's why we have a site devoted to satire and humor. This is all made up. Sit back, relax, and enjoy something funny that is not true... it's made up. We made up the names, locations, actions... everything. We made it all up. We also added our opinion. 


This is a satirical news site. Anything that may be seen as a non-objective untruth is not. It's either satire or opinion. This is basically a satirical news version of South Park. You understand that they aren't a documentary, and neither are we.

If you think that this site contains anything about you or anyone you know, you're wrong... this is all written from our imagination and you should stop being so vain.