Google and Twitter Reveal Infinity Wars Spoiler

Generally blockbuster movies are left hush-hush until the opening. Even then, people refuse to get on social media to avoid any spoilers. Google and Twitter have both leaked a big spoiler for the new Infinity Wars movie, also known as Avengers: Endgame.

In a tweet posted earlier this month, actor Ryan Reynolds seems to elude to his character "Deadpool" being in the new movie. Knowing that Reynolds likes to play pranks, people started looking into the validity of the statement. Low and behold, Google presents the same cast, with Reynolds appearing in the cast as "Deadpool."

Fan boys and nerds alike have gone viral expressing their distaste for non-canonical plot. Being that "Deadpool" wasn't originally in the Infinity Wars series, people are upset saying that the creative control given to directors is ruining the comics they grew up reading.

IMDB is the only site we could find that doesn't corroborate the claim of "Deadpool" being in the new movie. We've attempted to contact various sources in Hollywood for more information on this but have yet to hear back.

More on this as it develops.

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