Missoula Osprey Allows Fans to Rename Team

Missoula Osprey Name Poll

Missoula, MT's Pioneer League baseball team, The Osprey, is under new ownership. With this new ownership, they're looking for a name. 

Executive Vice President Matt Ellis has said that the owner's attended a meeting in Las Vegas, NV and the decision was made to allow the fans to vote on the name. There are a few names that are already taken by other teams but the sky is the limit.

A recent poll went up allowing fans to vote for the names they find most suitable. It seems that some fans think the Osprey are good enough as is and want to keep the name, while others think the team should parallel the University of Montana. The largest sect of voters has the idea that 'Clits' is the best name for the Missoula baseball club. 

A group of skeptics view the change as a chance for owners to rake in money on merchandise and sponsorships.

No word has been released as to whether or not the owners will actually allow the team to become the 'Clits.' As we all know, the 'Clits' are a mythological structure rumored to exist near Paradise. Having no confirmed reports that 'Clits' actually exist, some view the structure to be similar to the likes of Bigfoot. Historically, 'Clits' have been rumored to be the pleasure center of a forbidden temple. Spanish conquistadors set out in the 1200s to discover the 'Clit' but never returned.

A poll will be placed on our page. Please feel free to vote for your favorite team name.

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