Trump Purchases Place On Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore as Mount Trumpmore

With the Federal Government shut down, President Donald Trump has put his real estate speculation skills to good use and purchased a piece of Mount Rushmore. He also added in the purchase agreement that it will now be named Mount Trumpmore.

In an astonishing $1.2 million deal, Trump was able to ascertain his place in history among America's forefathers. The government, hard for money because of the shut down, was eager to take the deal. There has already been national park shut downs because of garbage and toilet backups.

Excavation of the new bust will begin in April of 2019 and will be placed directly in front of George Washington. The total plan is set to cost roughly $4 million and will take four months to complete.

Blueprints and mockups have been made available to the public, and Trump even offers a stipend of land to whichever artist can "most accurately portray his giving, loving persona in the form of a good, good rock mountain."

Trump, Jr. was able to purchases several parcels of land across the northwest, including 2,000 acres near the Mission Mountains in Montana.



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